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2015 Honours - Selection of translated texts

Eurodram, European network of scripts-in-translation, is delighted to announce the selection of the 2015 translated texts, recommended for production and publication.
These have been chosen by the 267 members of 27 language committees, from the 348 translated plays received in 2014. Just so you know, it is out of Ukranian, Spanish and Bosnian/Croatian/Montenegrin/Serbian, and into French, Ukrainian and German, that we received the highest numbers of translations.
More details soon available online here : <>

Please note the titles mentioned in English are sometimes the official title of the English version, sometimes a simple translation of the original title, for the present case.

Bosnian/Croatian/Montenegrin/Serbian :

- Plamte (S'embrasent) [On Fire], by Luc Tartar, translated from French by Iva Brdar and Tiana Krivokapić
- Zona prioritetnog obrazovanja (ZEP) [Educational Priority Area], by Sonia Chiambrettotranslated from French by Iva Brdar

Bulgarian :
- Михаела, тигърът от нашия град. A Mockumentary play (Mihaela, tigrul din orașul nostru. A Mockumentary play) [Michel, the tigress from our town. A Mockumentary play], by Gianina Cărbunariutranslated from Rumanian by Lora Nenkovska
- Зелената котка (Pisica verde) [The Green Cat], by Elise Wilktranslated from Rumanian by Lоra Nenkovska

- Супергерои (Helden) [Superheroes], by Ewald Palmetshofertranslated from German by Gergana Dimitrova

German :
- Eine nicht umerziehbare Frau (Donna non rieducabile) [A non-reeducatable woman], by Stefano Massinitranslated from Italian by Sabine Heymann
- Der Koffer (Walizka) [The suitcase], by Malgorzata Sikorska-Miszczuktranslated from Polish by Andreas Volk
- Die Prüfung (Nasjonal prøve) [National test], by Maria Tryti Vennerødtranslated from Norwegian by Nelly Winterhalder

English :
- Patriotic Hypermarket by Milena Bogavac and Jeton Neziraj, translated from Albanian and Serbian by Damjan Babić
- Bulger by Klaas Tindemans, translated from Flemish by Gregory Ball
- Safe (Varni), by Miha Mazzini, translated from Slovenian by Gregor Timothy Ceh

Spanish :
Pretérito Imperfecto (del verbo amar) (Love in the Past Participle), by John Hamilton Maytranslated from English by Patricia Aguiló Pérez
- Yo soy el viento (Eg er vinden) [I am the wind], by Jon Fossetranslated from Norwegian by Cristina Gómez Baggethun
- Los desplazados (Les Déplacés) [The stateless], by Xavier Durringer, translated from French by Fátima Sayyad Hernando

Greek :
- Αραβο-ισραηλινός Τσελεμεντές (The Arab Israeli Cookbook), by Robin Soans, translated from English by Κυριακής Σπανού
- Εκτός παιδιάς (Οφσάιντ) (Fora De Joc) [Offside], by Sergi Belbel, translated from Catalan by Μαρίας Χατζηεμμανουήλ
- Ιδομενέας (Idomeneus), by
Roland Schimmelpfennig, translated from German by Έφης Ρευματά

French :
- Mameloschn, Langue maternelle
(Muttersprache Mameloschn) [Mameloschn mother tongue], by Marianna Salzmann, translated from German by Charlotte Bomy
- Patriotic Hypermarket by Milena Bogavac and Jeton Neziraj, translated from Albanian and Serbian by Karine Samardzija, with the collaboration of Arben Bajraktaraj
- Au milieu des nuages [Amid the clouds], by Amir Reza Koohestani, translated from Persian by Tinouche Nazmjou

Italian :
- Il volo sopra il teatro del Kosovo (Fluturimi mbi Teatrin e Kosovës) [One Flew over the Kosovo Theater], by Jeton Neziraj, translated from Albanian by Kamela Guza

- Neve, nebbia e neve (José K, torturado) [Jose K, tortured], by Javier Ortiztranslated from Spanish by Marta Graziani
- Calcetines / Sofonisba anguissola (Te mandaré una carta) [I will send you a letter], by Raùl Hernàndez Garridotranslated from Spanish by Marta Graziani

Caucasian languages :
Tikanlı məftillər (Serhed) [The border], by Müzəffər İzgünün, translated from Türkish to Azeri by Anar Cəfərli

Norwegian :
- Mery Monark (Mery Monarca) [Mery Monarch], by Ana Fernández Valbuenatranslated from Spanish by Bente Teigen Gundersen
Sjelen min et annet steed (Mi alma en otra parte) [My soul in another place], by José Manuel Moratranslated from Spanish by Bente Teigen Gundersen

Polish :
- Na początku i na końcu czasów (На початку і наприкінці часів) [In the beginning and in the end of times], by Pavlo Arietranslated from Ukrainian by Anna Korzeniowska-Bihun

- Poczekalnia Przyszłość (Warteraum Zukunft) [Waiting Room Future], by Oliver Klucktranslated from German by Iwona Uberman
- X-Przyjaciół (X-Freunde) [X-Friends], by Felicia Zellertranslated from German by Iwona Uberman

Rumanian :
- Apa de mina
(Bányavíz[Mine water], by Csaba Székelytranslated from Hungarian by Sándor László
Pulverizare (Pulvérisés) [Pulverised],
by Alexandra Badeatranslated from French by Eugen Jebeleanu
- Malaga
by Lukas Bärfuss, translated from German by Ciprian Marinescu

Russian :
- Яма (Op) [The pit], by Musa Akhmadov, translated from Chechen by Л. Довлеткиреевой
- Свадебное путешествие (Toy Səyahəti) [Honeymoon], by Mehman Musabeyli, translated from Azeri by the author
- Транзит (Tranzyt) [Transit], by Jolanta Kilian, translated from Polish by Святланой Курс

Turkish :
Çingene Boksör (Zigeuner Boxer) [Gypsy Boxer], by Rike Reiniger, translated from German by Gülen İpek Abalı
- Taş (Der Stein) [The Stone], by Marius von Mayenburgtranslated from German by Sibel Arslan Yeşilay
- Seviyoruz ve Hiçbir Şey Bilmiyoruz (Wir lieben und wissen nichts) [We love and know nothing], by Moritz Rinke, translated from German by Sibel Arslan Yeşilay

Ukrainian :
Наш клас (Nasza klasa) [Our class], by Tadeusz Słobodzianektranslated from Polish by Оleksandr Irvanets
- Уяви собі, що ти Бог (Pense que tu es Dieu) [Think that you are god], by Matéi Visniec, translated from French by Neda Nejdana
- Мерилін Монро: тріумф і агонія (Мерилин Монро: триумф и агония) [Marilyn Monroe : triumph and agony], by Dimitar Hristov, translated from Bulgarian by Аnna Bagriana



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